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Turning Point

Throughout our life, the Holy Spirit strengthens our discernment and resolve so that we can endure this life. That means taking the nudges, accepting the tests, and allowing God to be Lord over our life. Especially when we don’t understand or even see why things happen. Today is your turning point!


Aging is a normal part of life, and so are the significant life markers along the way. Some people think that a birthday is a huge milestone, while others only see substantial accomplishments worth celebrating. Looking back on the last couple of years, I can honestly say that every moment, good, bad, or even mundane, is a blessing. No matter your situation, God will make life worth the journey. 

The Man in the Mirror

The journey towards acknowledging your weaknesses and strengths takes time, but if you are dedicated to making peace with them, God will help with the rest. Today we will discuss some mindsets that could change how you relate to yourself, God and others. So pick up your mirror, stand tall, roll up your sleeves, and have a real conversation. It’s time to get to know the man in the mirror. 

A Loving Church

As the church, it is our shared duty to be the light in a very dark world. Although the world needs significant changes, true transformation starts with simple acts of kindness and love in our neighborhoods. Allow me to share some of the first steps to impact your community by loving your neighbors every day. 


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